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Where do I come from? - Who am I? - Where am I going? ... it is worth reflecting on these questions.

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I was born on 08.01.1963 in Hanover. I grew up and went to school in Hanover-Anderten. I graduated from the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gymnasium in Hanover in May 1982. I then studied history and philosophy at the Leibniz University in Hanover and finally psychology at the Georg August University in Göttingen in October 1989. My studies ended with the degree Bachelor of Arts Social Work (B.A.) at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and state recognition as a social pedagogue.

During all these years, I always remained faithful to my passion for music. Whenever I found time, I worked on my electric guitar and the white and black keys of my IBACH piano. I programmed beats on my ROLAND R-8 and with the help of my ATARI 1024 ST I took my first steps in sampling on the STEINBERG Twenty Four, which was released at the time.

Musically, these technical innovations of the time meant that I was able to realise my original dream of writing symphonic arrangements - albeit within limits. At the time, I used a TASCAM Porta One Ministudio for my recordings - a 4-track cassette recorder with an integrated mixer that allowed the creation of multi-track recordings. So I was able to layer multiple instruments like piano, guitars and beats recorded one after the other. What always bothered me about the recordings was the high noise level and the reduced acoustic assertiveness of the individual instruments due to the multi-track process on cassette.

This changed fundamentally with the use of the PC at the end of the 90s of the last millennium - a quantum leap for every musician. For the first time, MIDI and audio recording could be combined in digital quality. The possibilities of digital editing in ranges of thousandths of a second made it possible for the first time to cut audio material exactly - quasi silently. The streaming of multiple instruments was limited only by the computing capacity or CPU power of the processor and the operational RAM of the 32-bit Windows of the time.

I now use a 64-bit Windows 10 PC in the Pro version with 32 GB RAM and a newer generation i-7 processor in conjunction with a Steinberg AXR 4-USB audio interface. My DAW is a STEINBERG Cubase 13 Pro in the current version. I use several plugins in my work - these include software synthesizers as well as sound-altering plugins, including various EQs, compressors and more. I currently work almost exclusively "in the box" for my arrangements, which means that I only listen to the audio signal via headphones. To record external hardware - such as piano, acoustic guitar or cajon - I use the respective microphone inputs or the digital interfaces of my Steinberg AXR 4 USB audio interface. The audio material leaves the soundcard via the outputs and is fed into a signal chain of EQ, compressor, noise gate and DAT recorder - also from YAMAHA - to quickly save ideas and for monitoring in the room. Digital/analog mastering of audio recordings is also possible in this way. Thishis way of working proves its worth as it takes place under a magnifying glass, both musically and in terms of sound. I can recognize small nuances in the sound and change them accordingly if necessary.

The services I would like to offer you in the field of audio basically relate to any need for musical content. I adapt the sound design I develop to your individual needs - whether it's one or more acapella vocal tracks or other instrumentation for a pre-production. We determine the audio format you require for the desired end product at an early stage during pre-production so that we can work towards this goal during composition.

If I have aroused your interest as an artist and you would like to contact me, I am available by e-mail at: as well as by telephone under the landline number: 051110573032 or mobile: 017680715708 . I am already looking forward to your order for a joint music production and the challenge of meeting your request!


"No time" (for anything)

Time is a construction. Time is an illusion. Time does not exist - there is only change. We rush through our lives to save time and overlook the opportunities we actually have. We want to save time as if it were an account we could deposit it into. We do not realise that it is infinitely available because the universe was not made of time, but of infinity! This infinity is in truth the eternity of heaven on our planet Earth. 

Love and live! 

~ C. van Ohr®


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